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Imports thousands of counterfeit motorcycle parts, reported

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The officials of the Anti-fraud Department of the Monopoly Agency of La Spezia and the military of the Guardia di Finanza Group of La Spezia intercepted two different shipments from China consisting of several thousand spare parts and accessories counterfeited with the brands of well-known motorcycle manufacturers such as Honda, Benelli, Yamaha, Piaggio and Bmw. The goods, destined for the same Italian importer, were found to be counterfeit thanks to the technical appraisals carried out by the owners of the trademarks. The pieces were seized.
In subsequent searches of the importer’s company, other counterfeit accessories and spare parts destined for sale were found and seized.
Further investigations, carried out by consulting databases, made it possible to identify numerous previous shipments of counterfeit spare parts, most of which advertised on the importer’s website as original products and therefore already sold.
The seizure concerns 12,500 items: the importer was denounced for the crime of introducing and trading counterfeit products into the State, aggravated by recurrence over time.

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Source: Ansa

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