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Extreme cars at the Advanced E-Motor Technology conference

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A new player from Motori Valley, Automobili Estrema, participated in the ninth Advanced E-Motor Technology 2022 conference which closed today in Berlin after 3 days of work dedicated to innovation in the electrification field.
“We are on the eve of an epochal turning point in mobility whose driver is electric propulsion – said Gianfranco Pizzuto, CEO of Automobili Estrema, speaker at the meeting attended by brands such as Audi, Volkswagen and Renault, as well as representatives of the entire electric mobility supply chain – and with our Fulminea concept we propose an innovative symbiosis between electric motor, solid state batteries and supercapacitors that will allow us a weight / power ratio hitherto unimaginable “.
The Fulminea hypercar by Automobili Estrema, it should be remembered, was chosen by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs for a Made in Italy promotion campaign organized by ICE / ITA.
Fulminea, a “laboratory on wheels with an amazing design” defined it Pizzuto, will be exhibited at the Bieffe Project stand next 12 and 13 April on the occasion of E-Tech Europe 2022 scheduled at the Bologna fair. Bieffe has been a partner of Estrema since September 2021 for the development of the bodywork and interiors.
The Berlin symposium set out to discuss the strategies for the future technology to be used for electric motors in order to obtain the best performance, according to the overall picture and to aim at increasing efficiency through a holistic approach, find out how reduce production costs by using alternative materials to rare earth magnets for Ev and Hev motors.

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Source: Ansa

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