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Bugatti: the era of the “Blue Factory” of Campogalliano is over

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A piece of history of the Italian Motor Valley goes away with the definitive dismantling of the old Bugatti “Blue Factory” in the Municipality of Campogalliano (MO). The cradle of the EB110 was closed in 1995, but has since been preserved in good condition thanks to the work and passion of Ezio Pavesi, his wife Lorena and his son Enrico, now 24 years old. Their efforts, in fact, prevented the Factory from becoming a forgotten wreck in ruins.
After the recent acquisition by investor Adrien Labi it became clear that the plans for this unique piece of Motor Valley history were not in line with the values ​​of the Pavesi family, leading them to the very difficult and painful decision to end their commitment as caretakers. , started in April 1991 by Ezio and his wife Lorena Dondi.
Ezio Pavesi: “Everything in life comes to a conclusion and unfortunately the time has come to conclude my commitment as caretaker of the Bugatti factory in Campogalliano.
It has never been a job for me but a life mission. I have always dreamed of being part of the new life of the factory, I gave advice and offered my help. In recent months I have seen with my own eyes all the trees and greenery that I have taken care of over the years, being cut in a few days, the tiles removed from the floors, like all the offices and systems that remain. I feel that this jewel of history and tradition is not valued enough. However, I hope from the bottom of my heart that the future of the Blue Factory is bright, but I cannot identify with the current project. I thank every person who has helped us protect the factory and its history over the years. To those who still count on us today so that the history of the Bugatti di Campogalliano does not disappear: we will not disappoint you! “.

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