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Ford: in the future ‘there are big projects on thermal engines’

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Ford also joins the long list of manufacturing companies that have backtracked on the decision to cancel the development and production of petrol and diesel engines, in favor of electric propulsion only.
To indicate this radical change of strategy was the CEO of the Blue Oval Jim Farley who – during the Wolfe Global Auto Conference, a meeting dedicated to financial analysts – said that despite investing huge resources in electric models “Ford is not standing still. on internal combustion vehicles “. In detail, Farley reiterated that he had “great projects for those too, including the radical reduction of complexity”. Without explaining whether the reference is to a redesign of the petrol and diesel engines, to make them modular (which was done at the time by BMW, which uses the same 3, 4 and 6 cylinder module for the two power supplies) or to agreements with other large manufacturers. , Ford’s CEO stressed that “greater commonality of parts would save costs and accelerate product development.”
For Farley, “less complexity would also simplify choices for consumers and reduce time from order to delivery”. The objective would therefore be to drive a “radical reduction of complexity” which could lead to better quality and lower costs for future vehicles powered by internal combustion engines, while having to add those exhaust gas treatment systems that are indispensable for aim for zero CO2.
“We recognize that we have an advantage in the ICE sector – says Farley – There is room for improving vehicles with internal combustion engines in terms of quality and development costs”. But he admits that at Ford “we have too many people. Too many investments, too much complexity.”
In the same conference, the CEO of the Blue Oval clarified that “there is no plan” in Ford to spin off the electric vehicle business. The hypothesis advanced by some Wall Street analysts is that manufacturers like Ford and General Motors – through the separation of the BEV business – could replicate the astronomical value of Tesla’s shares.

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