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From Mercedes-Benz anti-Covid filters for Citaro and Conecto buses

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With EvoFresh, Mercedes-Benz launches on the market a ventilation module with integrated filter for air purification from the Covid virus, to be installed on buses not equipped with air conditioning. The system, developed by German technicians, is able to clean and completely change the air inside the vehicle in just 2 minutes.
Designed for Citaro citybuses and Connecto models, EvoFresh thus joins the already available offer of antiviral anti-Covid filters for passenger transport vehicles of the Star equipped with air conditioning.
To purify the air on board, the driver opens the electrically operated hatches, positioned on the roof of the vehicle, via a button, mounted in the opposite direction to that of travel to facilitate the entry of air from the outside. This is previously filtered.
When the hatches are opened, the ventilation system is automatically activated, which changes the internal air, partly expelling the on-board air to the outside, partly cleaning it by passing it through the antiviral filters, before reintroducing it into the passenger compartment.
Regarding this new proposal from Stuttgart, they clarify: “The modules are mounted under the standard roof hatches, electrically operated on Citaro and Conecto; there are two on the standard length bus and four on the articulated one. Since the beginning of the Covid 19 pandemic. , Daimler Buses has worked hard to ensure bus and coach passengers get to school, work or shopping mall more safely and to help drivers avoid contagion as much as possible. ” (

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Source: Ansa

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