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Hella Coolant Control Hub, electric car thermal management

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As the electric car sector develops and new solutions and new mantarials are transferred from research to series production, the supply and production chain is simplified and often leads not only to improvements in performance but also to cost savings. and, consequently, to reduce the prices of the new one. This will happen shortly with the new Coolant Control Hub from Hella, a device that revolutionizes the thermal management of electric vehicles and that will allow, in addition to the advantages already mentioned, also to guarantee greater efficiency and longer life of the accumulator.
Hella – the German company which is now part of the Faurecia Group – has for the first time brought together all the functions necessary for efficient thermal management in the form of a subsystem. An innovative patented 7-way valve ensures the ideal temperature of the battery, engine, power components and vehicle cabin in any seasonal and local situation.
The module connects three cooling circuits. That of the battery, that of the power electronics and that of the electric motor. The key is system simplification, increased reliability and cost reduction. The CCH combines multiport valves, actuators, distribution systems, electronic circulation pumps, expansion vessels and heat exchangers as well as sensors in one product.
This centralization leads to an ideal distribution of thermal energy in the vehicle and helps distribute the ‘response’ to the heating or cooling demand for critical vehicle components as needed, improving thermal performance.

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Source: Ansa

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