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Renault Austral, latest C-suv tests before reveal 8 March

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Soon Austral, Renault’s new C-suv, will be unveiled and will arrive in dealerships after the summer. Waiting for the reveal of the definitive vehicle (the appointment on the Ansa Motori website is for the morning of next 8 March), the Casa della Losanga is concluding the tests with the pre-production vehicles.
A delicate phase, which among the many Renault test drivers, sees two experts such as Frederic and Benjamin engaged, who take the wheel of Austral putting themselves in the customer’s shoes and thus be able to make the latest settings in real conditions of use. Developing an ambitious automotive project like the new Austral means working to fully optimize all the performance that the future vehicle will have to offer. The list is long and varied, because all areas must be considered: behavior on the road, comfort, braking, performance, consumption, ergonomics, connectivity… everything counts! The level to be achieved for each performance is established based on the expectations and needs of the target customers and also takes into account the promise of the brand that the product must embody and the reference vehicles of the competition.
In summary: designing a new model starting from the blank sheet means setting quantitative and qualitative objectives for each performance and verifying whether they have been achieved during the entire development phase. Naturally, the final result, i.e. the production vehicle, must be attractive and consistent for the customer as well as for the brand, from the beginning to the end of marketing.
Benjamin and Frederic have two different roles, but within the perimeter of their respective missions they have a fundamental point of contact: to formulate an opinion that is both neutral and objective. These two experts carry out their mission by forming a couple that promotes the comparison and complementarity of points of view.
Frédéric is, in a certain sense, the spokesperson for the performance specifications transmitted to the engineering for each vehicle, in which the main expectations of the customer are considered. Not being directly involved in the technical design of the models, Frédéric can take the necessary distance to evaluate the progress of any vehicle designs he is asked to evaluate. He intervenes only sporadically, at regular intervals, in individual projects, to provide an analysis of all his impressions of him. An analysis he shares with Benjamin and his team in the specific case of new Austral.
Benjamin, on the other hand, follows and manages the progress of the technical development of the New Renault Austral on a daily basis.
With his team, he is, in a certain sense, the guarantor of the technical solutions adopted. He is therefore directly and daily involved in defining and verifying the relevance of the technical specifications chosen for the vehicle.
Yet, just like Fréderic, he too has the task of focusing his attention on the result obtained, putting himself in the conditions of use and in the shoes of the end user.

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Source: Ansa

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