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Airp: the share of replacement tires rises to 30%

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The share of spare tires to be compulsorily assigned to retreaded tires in the purchasing procedures of local authorities and public service operators rose from 20% to 30%. This novelty, underlines the Italian Association of Tire Retreaders, is contained in the decree law on Simplifications, which provides for an amendment to the previous law in force, namely the Financial Law of 2002 (Law 28 December 2001 n. 448).
This law, in article 52, paragraph 14, established the obligation for public administrations and public service operators to reserve at least 20% of spare tire purchases for retreaded tires. The new rule, which as mentioned is contained in the Simplifications decree, says that “for environmental protection purposes, the administrations of the State, Regions and local authorities and the managers of public services and public and private utilities, in the ‘purchase of spare tires for their fleets of passenger cars and commercial and industrial vehicles, reserve a share for the purchase of retreaded tires, equal to at least 30% of the total “.
Another novelty concerning retreads and is also contained in the Simplifications decree is the possibility of canceling purchase tenders in which the reserve for retreaded tires is not respected.
In this regard, the Simplification decree states: “If a portion of retreaded tires representing at least 30 percent of the total number of tires to be purchased is not reserved for the purchase procedure of two or more spare tires referred to in the first period, the procedure is canceled for the part reserved for the purchase of retreaded tires “.
This clarification represents an important step forward for companies active in the tire retreading sector and responds to requests from Airp, which, on more than one occasion, had expressed the need for a legislative instrument that would help ensure the effective application of the rule on the mandatory quota reserved for retreaded tires in the purchase of spare tires by public fleets.

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