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Sustainable mobility: Electric Days are back from 21 to 23 April

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How is Italy moving towards the ecological transition? What are the institutions doing to make it possible? What solutions does the industry offer today to change our mobility, while still making it accessible? What are the prospects for the research? How are the risks for the industrial chain transformed into development opportunities for the country? These will be the main questions at the center of the second edition of Electric Days, the phygital event promoted by Motor1.com and InsideEVs.it on the electrification of mobility, scheduled from 21 to 23 April at MAXXI in Rome.
The event will take place concurrently with World Earth Day, with a new formula designed to deepen the ecological transition of mobility, news and industry trends: talks, live streaming, insights and interactive live socials will develop within in the Auditorium hall of the MAXXI Museum in Rome and will be broadcast live on Motor1.com and InsideEVs YouTube, Linkedin, Facebook, Twitter and Twitch channels.
The objective of this edition, which will be supported by a new multi-publisher platform and a thematic program of renewed concept, will be to promote the culture of the circular economy, to inform and sensitize the public, companies and institutions on the countless opportunities offered by electrification.
“Everyone talks about transition and they say they are convinced of its importance – says Alessandro Lago, Director of Motor1.com and creator of the initiative – but what is needed, in a country like Italy, to carry it out in a sustainable way? it concerns the environment, people, the economy and work.
Pivotal elements of our society, at the center of a process that will certainly have to leverage technological development, but which will also need well-calibrated political choices and strategies. The answers to the questions raised by the transition are far from immediate: they can only be found by addressing the complexity of the topics. And this is what we will do at Electric Days 2022, the largest Italian dissemination event on the theme of mobility and the environment “.
Communication through social networks will play a central role in this edition, expanding the reference audience of the initiative and promoting continuous interaction with the public. The three days, in addition to deepening the change that is affecting mobility, will in fact help consumers to learn more about the new cars on the market and will provide concrete answers to questions about the technology and the most suitable car for their needs, on the best way to guide it and on the characteristics to be evaluated.
Answers to questions on these and other issues raised by the public will be provided live on social media profiles. Motor1.com and InsideEVs testers, tech, lifestyle and creator influencers will share the most interesting market news on social networks with simple language and an interactive mode that will see users as protagonists.
The event is promoted in collaboration with ANSA, Vanity Fair, Wired and with the participation of MOTUS-E.

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Source: Ansa

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