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Bosch acquires high-resolution maps specialist Atlatec

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Bosch will expand the Group’s competencies in autonomous driving to strengthen its market position and above all to accelerate the development and supply of SAE 4 level solutions to OEMs.
The German innovation and services giant will do so with the acquisition (subject to antitrust approval) of Atlatec GmbH, based in Karlsruhe, Germany.
This independent company, which was spun off from the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology in 2014, employs around 25 people in Germany, Japan and the United States and is one of the world’s most innovative suppliers of high-resolution 3D maps, essential for the evolution of systems. autonomous driving.
“The planned acquisition of Atlatec – said Mathias Pillin, president of Bosch’s Cross-Domain Computing Solutions division, of which Atlatech will be a part – further expands our expertise in the field of high resolution digital maps and makes us even more diversified. makes Bosch the only company that can offer its customers all the necessary elements of autonomous driving, from actuators and sensors to software and maps, from a single source. We are constantly expanding our strong position in this sector. “
Atlatec offers all the necessary elements for mapping: the portfolio includes not only the recording and processing of the data, but also the creation of the maps themselves and the required quality control.
In addition to on-board sensors with radar, video and ultrasonic sensor technology, digital maps are another indispensable element in autonomous driving. The information they contain, relating to the vehicle’s surroundings and traffic events, extends far beyond the detection range of a vehicle’s on-board sensors.
For the creation of maps, Atlatec has developed a scalable solution with the Sensorbox and associated software. The raw data collected by this solution is analyzed using artificial intelligence (AI) and enriched with important information such as road signs and sharpness of curves, as well as structural features such as tram tracks.
Since artificial intelligence algorithms are continuously learning, the road and environmental characteristics detected exclusively by AI are also constantly increasing. Based on the map information, a self-driving car can, for example, adjust the speed in good time before a sharp curve.

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