They used ‘good’ cars for fake MOTs, closed a center

The Savona Traffic Police seized a vehicle inspection center in Pietra Ligure (Savona) for false tests, for example by diverting the checks related to brakes, optical groups and fumes to other vehicles, in some cases using a motorcycle used by an employee of the Center itself. According to what was reconstructed by the judicial police team, thanks to a video surveillance activity that lasted about a month, 376 vehicles would be subjected to irregular visits. Often, according to the indictment, the technical checks were carried out without the presence of the “revision inspector” in charge of the checks in accordance with the law. Practices which, according to the Stradale, would have made it possible to increase turnover, attracting more vehicles also from other municipalities. All the “easy” inspections carried out will be canceled and the vehicle owners will have to repeat the checks by means of a new inspection visit. The owner, the employees and the revision inspector were reported on the loose and administratively sanctioned for each irregular revision ascertained. Further investigations by the judicial police are also underway aimed at identifying any mechanical workshops in the province that contacted the Center to guarantee the regular outcome of the inspection for their customers.

Source: Ansa

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