Continental launches facial recognition via display


Combining the technologies of an integrated camera inserted in the display (and therefore invisible from the outside) and sophisticated facial recognition software, the new system that Continental has developed with the German TrinamiX, ​​a 100% subsidiary of BASF, makes it possible to protect effectively the car and its functions from theft or other criminal acts.
The Driver Identification Display reliably protects against thieves as the vehicle can only be started after the person in the driver’s seat has been successfully authenticated using the facial recognition that many users are already familiar with on their smartphones.
The technology used increases convenience and safety in many other cases, such as digital payment processes for refueling and stops via display as well as car rental in car sharing formulas but also for payments in App stores or for accessing digital services. Furthermore, the camera integrated in the system – precisely because it is not visible to the person sitting behind the wheel – effectively serves to reliably monitor the driver’s attention in order to prevent falling asleep.
“The secure identification of users – said Philipp von Hirschheydt, head of the user experience business area at Continental – is an important function for future vehicle generations”.
“Our Driver Identification Display sets new standards in terms of safety and comfort. Displays are the key interface between driver and vehicle. For the first time, the Driver Identification Display offers three key functions in one package: Reliable driver authentication , ability to carry out secure digital payment transactions and monitor driver attention, which will be mandatory in Europe in the future.”

Source: Ansa

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