Formula 1 and Autodelta protagonists at the Alfa Romeo Museum

On the occasion of the Monza Formula 1 Grand Prix, the spotlights are turned on at the Alfa Romeo Museum in Arese on the top motoring series and on Autodelta. From 3 to 5 March, a special light installation 15 meters high will shine inside the former Centro Stile del Biscione, to celebrate historic four-wheeled jewels of the past and 60 years of the reality founded by engineers Chiti and Chizzola, which later became racing department of the car manufacturer. On Saturday 4 March, then, extraordinary opening of the Museum until midnight, in an unprecedented guise “With the lights off”.
The luminous realization crosses all the floors of the museum where the cars that have made the history of the Italian brand are exhibited. Designed by the men of the Alfa Romeo Style Centre, created by iGuzzini Illuminazione, it was created around a 15-metre-high, 4-metre-diameter cylindrical structure made up of elements in steel, plexiglass and 150 luminous elements. In total it has 8,192 LED segments and 1,500 meters of cables. The management system allows you to create an alternation of switching on and off, for a sort of dance of lights.
“Inside the installation – they anticipate from Arese – there is a veritable cascade of letters, composing the names of the most iconic models of all time: from the Disco Volante to the 33 Stradale, from the 8C 2900B Speciale le Mans to the ‘Duetto ‘. In addition to stylistic elements, such as the unmistakable V of the grille, created on metal shapes painted in Alfa red and curved luminous elements, of different lengths, which follow one another from the glass ceiling of the Museum to the base. A sophisticated technological system governs this light show, which can be modulated in different scenarios, depending on the desired effect: from the heartbeat that moves inside the cylinder to the wake, with flashes that chase each other in the external perimeter”.
To underline this luminous creation, for the extraordinary opening until midnight scheduled for 4 March, the Museum is launching the initiative “With the lights off”. All the lamps in the exhibition structure will be turned off and the cars will be illuminated exclusively by the reflections of the luminous cylinder, with a particular scenographic effect.
“The weekend of March 3-5 – recall in a note from the Alfa Museum in Arese – will be enriched by other activities: in addition to guided tours of the exhibition and the Collection’s deposits, on Sunday 5 it will be possible to watch the GP of the Bahrain, the first round of the 2023 Formula 1 championship. And again on Sunday, at 2.30 pm, an Alfa Romeo parade on the internal track of the Museum will pay homage to Autodelta, the legendary racing department founded on 5 March 60 years ago. of the parade, at 3 pm, the Backstage conference which will retrace the history of Autodelta”.

Source: Ansa

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