Petrol: back on the uptrend, self at 1.858 euros per litre

The increases in the recommended prices of the major brands registered in recent days are starting today to reverberate on the national averages of prices charged at the pump. These are the averages of the prices applied communicated by the operators to the Price Observatory of the Ministry of Economic Development and elaborated by the Staffetta Quotidiana, recorded at 8 yesterday morning on about 18 thousand plants: self-service petrol at 1.858 euro/litre (+2 thousandths, companies 1,861, white pumps 1,854), diesel at 1,817 euro/litre (+2, companies 1,820, white pumps 1,809). Petrol served at 1.998 euro/litre (+1, companies 2.040, white pumps 1.914), diesel at 1.959 euro/litre (unchanged, companies 2.005, white pumps 1.870). LPG served at 0.804 euro/litre (unchanged, companies 0.808, white pumps 0.799), methane served at 1.818 euro/kg (-9, companies 1.818, white pumps 1.817), LNG 1.631 euro/kg (-30, companies 1.656 euro/ kg, white pumps 1.613 euro/kg). On the motorways, the price of self-service petrol is 1.937 euro/litre (2.196 euro served), self-service diesel 1.898 euro/litre (2.165 euro served), LPG 0.895 euro/litre, methane 1.839 euro/kg, LNG 1.596 euro/kg.

Source: Ansa

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