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Aci, distinguish for Ztl historical vehicles from the old ones

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“Establishing, once and for all, the abysmal difference between historic vehicles and old vehicles is fundamental”. This was stated by the President of the Automobile Club of Italy, Angelo Sticchi Damiani, commenting on the work of the technical table set up in the Campidoglio by the President of the Mobility Commission of Rome, Giovanni Zannola, to settle the delicate issue of derogations from the driving bans on historic vehicles within the limited traffic zone of the Green Belt, which also includes the historic centre.

“Only in this way – explained the President of ACI – will we avoid that thousands of unsafe and highly polluting cars or commercial vehicles continue to crowd the historic centers of our cities, with disastrous effects both from the point of view of safety and the environment. It is it is absurd and incomprehensible to maintain, for example, that vans such as the Scudo and Ducato or old off-road vehicles, which have no historical or collectible interest, can obtain certifications of historical significance and thus circumvent the bans on accessing the ZTL”.

“According to the ‘Safeguard List’, created and constantly updated by ACI Storico – underlined the ACI President – there are over 2,400 out of 5,600 – more than 43% – cars of no value which, without having any right to it, boast the title of vehicles of historical importance. All cars that have a heavy negative impact on mobility, road safety and air quality in the capital”.

“Moreover, it is clearly false – Sticchi Damiani pointed out – to claim that the Safeguard List, the only serious tool that objectively distinguishes historic cars from old ones, privileges Ferraris. Anyone who says it has not read it carefully , given that Ferrari models are only 19 out of 1,107 and represent 1.7% of the total number of models on the List!”

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Source: Ansa

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