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Ferrari unveils Roma Spider, the open-air ‘dolce vita’

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The Ferrari Roma Spider, the latest addition to the Maranello brand, has been unveiled.
Presented today at the El Badi palace in Marrakech, it reinterprets – like the coupé from which it derives – the Italian style of the 50s and 60s. The novelty of this spider lies in the removable fabric roof, a solution that sees its return in the motor range front of the Prancing Horse 54 years after its glorious appearance on the 365 GTS4.
The soft top can be personalized with refined tailored fabrics and contrasting stitching. Note the reduced roof opening times (13.5 seconds) and the maximum speed for completing the operation (60 km/h), as well as its reduced dimensions which maximize the capacity of the luggage compartment. A wind deflector integrated into the backrest of the rear bench opens when necessary at the touch of a button on the central tunnel, ensuring comfort on board and without increasing the size of the car.

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All of the modifications resulted in an increase in weight of 84 kg but, just like for the Roma, the weight/power ratio is also at the top of the category for the Ferrari Roma Spider thanks not only to the fabric roof, but also to the entirely in aluminum and the 620 HP V8 engine. The gearbox is the 8-speed DCT in oil bath already widely used on Prancing Horse cars.
The two rear seats are equipped with a connection to the boot compartment; wireless connectivity with Android Auto and Apple CarPlay is standard.
The lines of the Ferrari Roma Spider are the work of the Ferrari Style Center directed by Flavio Manzoni. The fabric soft top was designed to preserve the proportions of the Ferrari Roma. The sloping pavilion at the rear has been rethought in the geometry of the rear window, now integrated into the structure of the soft top to be housed together with it in an open roof configuration. The two-tone sartorial setting can be selected from a palette of four shades.
The same formal approach introduced on the Ferrari Roma was adopted in the interior of the Ferrari Roma Spider.
The 3855 cm3 V8 engine of the Ferrari Roma Spider delivers 620 hp at 7500 rpm, equivalent to 161 hp/l and is capable of delivering 80% of the available torque already at 1900 rpm.
An important evolution of the oil pump has been introduced which has made it possible to reduce the time-to-pressure in the event of a cold start by 70%, in addition to increasing the flow rate at medium revs.
This technological improvement has also been applied to the Ferrari Roma.
The Ferrari Roma Spider is equipped with Variable Boost Management, software developed by Ferrari which varies the torque delivered according to the gear used to benefit from ever-increasing thrust while optimizing consumption at the same time. As the ratios go up, the amount of torque available increases, reaching 760 Nm in 7th and 8th gear.
From an aerodynamic point of view, the changes to the bodywork required significant changes to the geometry of the mobile spoiler, with specific calibrations for the open roof configuration. The chassis derives from that of the Ferrari Roma, but contains some components such as the sill that have been specifically developed for the Roma Spider.

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