Maxi order of 95 Mercedes-Benz electric buses for Hamburg


Mercedes-Benz has been awarded a major order for electric buses for the Hamburg metropolitan area. A fleet of 95 eCitaros will be delivered from the end of the year and by 2024 to the transport company Verkehrsbetriebe-Hamburg-Holstein GmbH which operates in the German city and its province. An option has also been signed for an additional 155 EV vehicles, to be supplied by 2028.
With this new order, Hamburg, which already has 37 eCitaro and eCitaro GS in service, will become a true standard-bearer in the world of efficiency for the star model within the next year, with 132 zero-emission vehicles for public transport operating in the area. . The order just signed with VHH provides for the supply of 47 3-door units of the “green” bus from the Stuttgart group and 48 four-door articulated ones. Both adopt latest generation technologies for batteries and electric motors which allow ample operating autonomy.
Equipped, respectively, with NMC3 accumulators of 490 and 588 kWh, the two models will make use of intermediate recharging stations, arranged for example at the terminus, to further increase their daily range of action.
It should be mentioned that in addition to facilitated entry for the disabled, these buses have USB sockets for recharging the passengers’ electronic devices and 29-inch TFT screens for disseminating the main information. (

Source: Ansa

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