Suzuki: an all-wheel drive range

With a tradition of more than half a century in research and development in the 4×4 sector, Suzuki offers AllGrip all-wheel drive on the entire range, with the exception of the Swace, through three systems that respond to the names of Auto, Select and Pro, to which added the 4ž4 E-Four of the Across plug in hybrid.

The first, a prerogative of Ignis and Swift, uses a viscous coupling, located between the two axles, to automatically transmit part of the torque to the rear wheels, following a loss of grip of the front driving ones. Furthermore, it makes use of Grip Control, which activates the brake of the wheel that starts to spin, distributing the torque to the other wheel on the same axle at the same time.

In this way both the stability of the car and the acceleration on low-grip surfaces are promoted.

The AllGrip Select, present on the Vitara and S-Cross, is an electronically controlled four-wheel drive system, and uses a selector located in the central console, through which the driver can choose between four different driving modes called, respectively , Auto, Sport, Snow and Lock. Basically, Auto prefers front-wheel drive, and allows you to take advantage of the integral one in the event of slipping of the drive wheels, sending torque to the rear axle. Sport makes it possible to use the four-wheel drive to transmit power through the four wheels when driving engaged, using the electronic control unit to adjust torque delivery and its distribution. Snow optimizes traction on all four wheels in low grip conditions and traction through the control unit, which takes into account the behavior of the driver when using the steering wheel and the accelerator, to distribute the torque in a variable way between the two axles and offer homogeneous reactions even on particularly slippery surfaces.

Lock is a function that can be activated up to 60 km/h, the speed beyond which the all-wheel drive system switches to the Snow item, and is mainly used to free the car from snow, mud or sand , and to advance with ease on all slippery floors.

The Jmny AllGrip PRO system is the most specialized one, and boasts a 4WD transmission that can be engaged with low gears.

There are 3 ways you can choose from through a lever. The first, called 2H, is normally used on asphalt, uses the normal gears and the two rear drive wheels. The second, called 4H, continues to use the normal gears even with the 4×4 drive engaged, and is recommended for flat dirt roads and gravel surfaces. The transition from 2WD to 4WD can also take place while moving, at a speed of less than 100 km/h.

While the third, which responds to the acronym 4L, takes advantage of the low gears with the 4×4 engaged and offers adequate traction both on steep slopes and on more difficult terrain.

Furthermore, the Jimny also makes use of the LSD traction control, which brakes two diagonally opposite wheels when they lose grip, and redistributes the torque on the others with more grip: ideal when there are different situations in contact with the ground between the different wheels.

In addition to these four-wheel drive systems, the Suzuki range has been enriched by the 4ž4 E-Four of the Across plug in hybrid. It is a device that exploits the 40 kW electric motor, located on the rear axle, in combination with the front engine, for a distribution of the drive torque that goes from 100:00 to 20:80.

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