Philanthropists and NASK donated a mobile tire service to the Armed Forces of Ukraine

Charitable Foundation “Ukraine on Fire” together with the audience of the project of the same name and the National Agency for Strategic Communications (NASK) handed over the first mobile tire service to the Armed Forces of Ukraine

This is reported by the charity fund “Ukraine on fire” and NASK. Mobile tire service was handed over to the 82nd Chernivtsi Airborne Brigade. It was created on the basis of the elongated Mercedes-Benz Sprinter. It is equipped with tire changers and balancing machines, a compressor, a powerful generator, additional lighting and all the necessary tools. The car will work directly in the combat zone and will allow our defenders to quickly restore the wheeled vehicles used today in the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

“As evidenced by our cooperation with the military, mobile tire fittings are needed along the entire front line. If the tires are torn or there are punctures or cuts, a completely working car is simply lost, because you have to drive 30-50 km to the rear with light and personnel. time, money, sometimes human lives Mobile tire service is able to solve the problem on the spot, improve logistics and, if necessary, operate effectively on front lines of 30-50 kilometers and help not only your own unit, but also neighboring ones.

The goal of the project in the coming months is to prepare for the Armed Forces of Ukraine from 5 to 10 specialized mobile tire shops. They will be able to meet the needs in the hottest areas and will significantly help the Armed Forces of Ukraine not to lose equipment, time and people.

To accomplish this task, Ukrainian companies and caring viewers of “Ukraine on Fire” have joined the project. The collected funds go directly to the purchase of buses and the necessary equipment. The second mobile tire service will be ready soon. Join. The transfer of each tire fitting is carefully coordinated with the departments of support and logistics of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. You can be sure that each car works exclusively for the front and our victory,” said the initiators of the project.

As GLOBAL HAPPENINGS reported earlier, a Polish company from the Adelon group will import modern cars for doctors to Ukraine.

Source: Obozrevatel

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