Ancma, helmet for scooters and eBikes is an own goal

“Let’s hope the government doesn’t score an own goal against this industry.” This was stated by the president of the National Association of Motorcycle Cycle Accessories – Confindustria Paolo Magri, commenting on the bill to introduce the use of helmets for scooters, monowheels and eBikes, filed on 22 March in parliament.

On the occasion of the presentation of the 2022 sales estimates of the cycle market in Milan, Magri underlined that “the time has come to move from incentives for purchase to those for use”. Hence the appeal to the executive: “We ask, on the basis of the recent indication of the European Parliament, to lower the VAT rate on bicycles and on products in the supply chain: an intervention which, together with the promotion of bicycle culture, can activate processes virtuous ones that are much more structural and effective than purchase incentives”.

Source: Ansa

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