In the historic center of Sorrento, 4 Ztl gates are active

From today, and for the entire month of April, Sorrento activates 4 Ztl gates. The limited traffic zones will be in the testing phase, they are located in the center of Sorrento, located in via Fuorimura (beginning of viale Caruso), corso Italia (height of the Carmine church), via Correale (height of the Lauro municipal parking lot) and via San Francesco ( intersection with via De Maio).

Then the traffic restrictions will be active, if the experimentation goes well, until next October 25th and, limited to public holidays and the day before public holidays, also from December 7th to January 6th 2024. The times in which the limited traffic zone is in force are, all days, from 19:30 to 6 and, on public holidays, also from 10 to 13.

The area affected by the measure includes viale Caruso, piazza Tasso, via Correale (from the Lauro car park towards piazza Tasso), corso Italia (from piazza Tasso to the crossroads with via Marziale), via Luigi De Maio, piazza Sant’Antonino, via San Francesco, via Vittorio Veneto, piazza della Vittoria and via Marina Grande.

It will be possible to request annual and temporary permits, on the basis of the regulation approved during the last session of the City Council and available, together with the forms, on the home page of the institutional site, at the address “L The introduction of electronic gates will be preceded by a period of experimentation, to give all citizens the opportunity to become familiar with the new control system, which makes our city increasingly modern”, explains the mayor of Sorrento, Massimo Coppola

Source: Ansa

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