When to slow down on the road: a case that not all drivers know about

The ability to brake in time is one of the main skills of a driver, which helps to make driving on roads safe. Therefore, it is important to know about all situations when it is simply necessary.

GLOBAL HAPPENINGS asked for the opinion of experienced drivers and road safety experts. And they outlined one non-obvious situation when you need to press the brake pedal.

First of all, it is important to keep an eye on traffic neighbors and start slowing down when a neighboring car starts to slow down. In this case, braking should be smooth and accurate.

The reason for this is simple – a neighboring driver could earlier notice a pedestrian who crosses the road along the “zebra” and lets him through, as required by the rules. In order not to jump forward and injure a pedestrian, you should coordinate your actions in the flow of cars.

At the same time, it is important not to put the car behind you in a dangerous situation. Therefore, you need to brake smoothly, not in emergency mode.

In general, increased attentiveness and readiness to slow down at any moment should be shown in such situations:

  • you share the road with pedestrians and cyclists, in particular, you move along a street with a large number of ground pedestrian crossings;
  • the planning or condition of the road can be dangerous – it has curves or speed bumps;
  • you move in bad weather conditions – in rain, fog or in the dark;
  • there are a lot of parked vehicles on the roadsides;
  • you are near schools, parks or hospitals where there may be children or the elderly.

Police and road safety experts are urging all drivers in the city to take their time on the roads. After all, no delay is worth getting into an accident.

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