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Citroën: improved efficiency for C5 Aircross and e-C4

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Citroën is improving its customers’ electric driving experience with two new features for the e-C4 electric crossover and the C5 Aircross plug-in hybrid SUV. The first ë-C4 already offered a good range thanks to a series of technological choices applied to the project, including the integration of class “A +” tires, which reduce rolling resistance and increase efficiency.

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Since October, ë-C4 has made further progress by adopting technological evolutions that increase its autonomy. This is an improvement in the field of Wltp cycles, with an approved range increased by 7Km, which passes to 357Km. But it is above all in real use that the ë-C4 improves autonomy, which can increase by almost 30 km depending on the conditions of use (outside temperature, type of road, driving style, etc.). These developments therefore provide greater versatility and peace of mind for everyday commuting and long journeys.

The 100kW (136hp) electric motor and 50kWh battery, which equip the e-CMP platform vehicles, remain unchanged, but some updates optimize their performance: the addition of a new humidity sensor combined with a new calibration of the heat pump allows to optimize the management of heating and air conditioning, thus saving battery charge.
The transmission system has also been improved with a change in the gearbox ratio which increases the mileage. The novelty that awaits C5 Aircross Hybrid customers, on the other hand, concerns a notice that reminds them when to recharge the car. This new feature is part of an automatic “Over The Air” vehicle software update and does not require customers to visit a Citroën dealer.

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It is designed to help customers optimize the performance of their plug-in hybrid models and further reduce the impact on the environment. Data collected by Citroën shows that 55% of journeys of less than 40 km are driven solely in electric mode and that 52% of customers already recharge their vehicle once or twice every 100 km. The idea is to increase the charging frequency to take full advantage of a plug-in hybrid solution. Citroën C5 Aircross Hybrid Plug-In is equipped with a 13.2 kWh battery which guarantees it an electric range of 55 km (WLTP).
The system works on the basis of the on-board computer, which analyzes the routes, the state of charge of the battery and the number of recharges made. Notifications are displayed in the form of messages on the vehicle’s touchscreen. Initially, after five days of vehicle use and ten journeys without the vehicle having been recharged, the software will display one notification per day on the touchscreen. If the vehicle has not been charged after 30 days of use, the notification will be displayed twice a day while the vehicle is in use.


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