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Aprilia eSR2 EVO, scooter between performance and autonomy

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More powerful and with greater autonomy, the new Aprilia eSR2 Evo scooter. The line of light vehicles born from the license agreement between Aprilia and Mt Distribution, expands with the arrival of the eSR2 EVO electric scooter. Conceived as an evolution of the eSR2, the latest addition to the Aprilia Smart Movement line brings with it the sporting spirit of the Noale Racing Department, with a more powerful and performing engine and battery. Autonomy and reactivity at the start characterize the scooter, which is powered by a 500W brushless motor and powered by a 48V 14.4Ah 691 Wh battery. The high performance of autonomy is guaranteed by the increased capacity of the battery, which makes it possible to travel up to 50Km with a single charge.
To make the driving experience more comfortable there are the double front suspensions, which, together with the 10 ” air chamber tires, cushion the blows and vibrations transmitted by the uneven road surface. Greater safety on the road is then guaranteed by the front and rear LED lights, which ensure visibility in night driving situations or in low light conditions, and by the double front and rear electronic drum brakes. eSR2 Evo is equipped with a kinetic energy recovery system (KERS), which allows to recover part of the energy during braking.
The performance of eSR2 Evo is always under control thanks to the connection to the integrated App, designed and developed by Italdesign. The Aprilia Smart Movement App, available on Google Play and the App Store, is designed as a real ‘virtual garage’ in which to register multiple products and from which to access technical assistance services in real time via WhatsApp chat. Aprilia eSR2 EVO will be available from 10 December in large-scale distribution channels, large consumer electronics stores and major online stores at the recommended price of 799 euros.

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