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Maneuver: Unrae, immediate incentives for sustainable mobility

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The maneuver under discussion must not ignore the restoration of incentives for sustainable mobility and should make the bonuses for electric cars structural. This is the request reiterated to the government by Unrae, the association that brings together foreign car manufacturers in Italy.
“The fleet of cars in circulation in Italy is old and insecure, they have an average of 11.8 years compared to 9 years in France and Germany and 8 in England – explains the general director of Unrae, Andrea Cardinali, during an ANSA forum Out of 38.8 million vehicles in circulation, only 30% is Euro 6, while 10 and a half million are prior to Euro 4 “.
“It is therefore absolutely essential to provide incentives for fully electric cars, structurally and in the medium term for hybrids, and at the same time to accelerate the development of a real network of charging infrastructures on motorway roads, which at the moment is absolutely insufficient”. In Italy, according to Unrae data, there are currently 4.6 recharging points per 100 kilometers, we are in fourteenth place in Europe: in the Netherlands there are 59.3 per 100 kilometers.
“The transition towards sustainable mobility must be facilitated with an integrated approach that acts simultaneously on vehicles, charging infrastructures and smart grids”, said Fabio Earrings, Professor of Energy Systems at the Guglielmo Marconi University.
In detail, Unrae asks for the extension and reinforcement of the so-called Ecobonus (0-60 g / Km of CO2) to accelerate the replacement of the Almneo park with a three-year horizon; incentivize the purchase of low-emission vehicles (61-135 g / km CO2) with scrapping in the meantime for 2022; urgently create recharging infrastructures for electric, hydrogen and gas vehicles: provide refueling areas also on the motorway, main road system and at logistics centers and ZTLs; intervene on the taxation of company cars by bringing the deductibility of VAT to 100% at least for cars 0-60 g / km of CO2, in line with the main European countries.

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Source From: Ansa

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