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Electricity transition, supplier turnover expected to drop

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The transition to electric mobility will entail a radical change in the automotive industry scenario, with an increase in the importance of car manufacturers (and therefore in their added value) and a decline in the supply system, which today not only play a primary role in production but also in technological development. This was stated by a study by Alix Partners, which reiterates how the investment plans of the car manufacturers are involving the integration of the supply system – and a significant part of the development work – in the manufacturing companies themselves, to the detriment of the vast world of parts. detached and components.
The main car manufacturers “have already defined the redistribution of the added value related to electric technologies for the next generation of battery models – say the experts of Alix Partners – and about 80% of the next generation electric vehicles will be produced with systems created almost completely in-house “, unlike today with 90% of accumulator systems and electric motors being purchased outside. For Alix Partners, rotor and stator packs and related mechanisms will continue to be purchased as components, as will power electronics consisting of inverters, voltage converters and thermal management, areas in which “suppliers are more likely to remain systems suppliers. “.
But the system integration part and the significant share associated with development work will pass from suppliers to car manufacturers. According to this study, the global market for suppliers is likely to stop at 36-52 billion euros (depending on the scenarios) in 2025 while today – to make a comparison using the entire internal combustion engine sector – the turnover is of around 200 billion euros.

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Source From: Ansa

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