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AsConAuto at the 19th stage of the Digital Dealer Tour in Bari

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Digital Dealer Tour is an itinerant training project, free and by invitation, conceived by automobile.it and organized by BtheOneAutomotive which is aimed at Italian car dealers to promote Digital Transformation: an inevitable process of change that involves technological, cultural, organizational, social aspects, creative and managerial of each dealership.
At the 19th stage in Bari The president of AsConAuto Fabrizio Guidi in an excursus that summarizes the centrality of the dealer in the association project – which in 2021 celebrates the milestone of 20 years of activity – underlines the importance of service within the dealership and the capillarity of the network on the Italian territory. Closing the speech with the video celebrating the journey, created precisely to celebrate the milestone reached, in our country by a large associative A through all the consortia, which symbolically united the exponents of the AsConAuto system: partner dealers, employees, warehouse workers, promoters , logistics and over 23,000 auto repairers affiliated to the network.
The president Fabrizio Guidi comments: “The dealer is an entrepreneur attentive to his margins who does not delegate his business and closely supervises his own territory. If it is true that leads count on the Internet, leads are the people who enter the dealerships of our network and create relationships and relationships. And service – which is often underestimated in the dealership – in reality with its margins is an important part of the development of the business, both from the point of view of sales and customer loyalty. Why did we start with the original spare part? Because most Italian dealers believe in the original spare part. A spare part that is the glue between the houses, the dealers and the car repairers. But it is also an identity, because it belongs to that certainty. of supply chain, which allows the car to remain the same and safe as when it was purchased. Our task could be not only that of f supplying original spare parts but also helping dealers and the network to keep original vehicles, because the motorist, that is the final customer, has the right to ensure that his car retains its value and protects its safety. Also in 2022, we intend to draw the attention of our network to service and be even more present in the area. We want to give more services and continue to develop the professional support provided by our system to work on the quality of the repair. And we will always be alongside the dealers who want to take initiatives to protect the territory “.

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