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Bermat GT-Pista, ‘return’ to the Italian Gran Turismo

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An initial production of ten units planned per year, for the new Bermat GT-Pista supercar, the first model of the newborn Italian car manufacturer, based in Rovereto. Presented in absolute preview at the Turin Automobile Museum, the GT-Pista is also the result of the support of JAS Motorsport, a company with a rich curriculum in the design and construction of sports cars, with an eye to the racing dimension.

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“I have always had the dream of creating a vehicle that reflects the style and driving needs of those who own it – said Matteo Bertezzolo, CEO of Bermat – and I have transformed this dream into an idea, that of making a frame. able to adapt to different mechanical style solutions and, therefore, to optimize the manufacturing process of handcrafted cars from a semi-industrial point of view “. If the name Bermat comes from the initials of the founder, the initials GT was used instead to bring the culture of Italian Gran Turismo back to life. The Pista version of the newcomer is also the first to be unveiled, pending the road, endothermic and electric variants, arriving from 2022.

“Bermat was born and grows deeply contaminated by the Italian automotive tradition – added Bertezzolo – and the skills of the team and partners are rooted in the world of engines in Turin, Milan and the Motor Valley. For us, belonging to the Italian tradition of auto is an absolute and indispensable value that we will jealously guard, with the commitment, determination and ambition to evolve in respect of the Italian tradition, exporting it to the world “.

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Studio Camal in Turin took care of the design of the Bermat GT-Pista, under the banner of sculpted lines and volumes that alternate in a silhouette of another era, to enhance the splendor of the sportcars of the past but with a new futuristic course in volumes. The interiors of the Pista version are essential and the high level of customization will be applicable to both the passenger compartment and the bodywork, allowing a choice of colors and liveries capable of changing the appearance of the car depending on the configuration chosen.

GT-Pista was born on Bermat’s micro-modular chassis, called T-MM, which allows for high-level performance and a 360 ° ability to customize vehicle components. The engine, on the other hand, is a 4-cylinder in-line and 2-liter displacement, supercharged and longitudinally arranged at the rear, which delivers power between 300 and 400 hp, depending on the configuration, with a torque of up to 450 Nm. The 6-speed sequential gearbox with front engagement and self-locking differential can be operated thanks to the dedicated paddle-shift. The commercial launch is scheduled for the beginning of 2022 and the sale price will be within 200 thousand euros.


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