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Covid impact on urban traffic, fewer queues but more accidents

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A vast study by Inrix that took into consideration 7 continents, 50 countries and over 1,000 cities made it possible to evaluate the impact of Covid on urban traffic and in particular on traffic density, on average speed, on time gained (or lost) in traffic jams and on accidents on the roads.
From the point of view of queues and slow traffic, the worst city in the world is now London, where 148 hours are lost in traffic jams every year. This performance lifted the British capital from 16th place in the 2020 ranking, which it had seen on the top step Bogota in Colombia. In London, thanks to a 1% improvement compared to the anti-pandemic period, people travel at an average speed of 22.5 km / h.
In second place, Inrix places Paris, which was in sixth position last year. The hours lost are 140 and the average speed – with a 15% recovery on the pre-Covid situation – turns out to be 21 km / h. Followed by Brussels (134 hours lost in queues with 21 km / h average speed), Moscow (108 hours / 24 km / h), New York (102 hours / 19.3 km / h) and Chicago (104 hours / 24 km / h). h).
Rome, which in the 2020 ranking was in 18th place overall, climbs to seventh and barely improves in the hours lost in traffic jams, which are 107. The improvement in average speed is high, 35%, and runs at 24 km / h. On the other hand, the increase in accidents on urban roads is worrying, + 25% compared to 2020, which is well above the figures for London (+ 8%), New York (+ 15%) and Paris (+ 18%) From this point of view, the report underlines, the worst situation is that of Spain where urban accidents increased by 40% followed by that of Great Britain (+ 26%). In the United States, on the other hand, there was a slight decrease: – 2%.
In the top ten behind the capital is Bogotà (94 hours / 17.7 km / h) which precedes another Italian city – Palermo – which has risen to ninth place since the 23rd of 2020. The hours lost by car are 109 per year and the average speed is, as in Bogota, 17.7 km / h. Finally, in tenth place in the general classification, Istanbul rises (it was at 23rd) in which 88 hours are lost per year and one moves on average at 22.5 km / h.
The ranking that was created by analyzing many Italian locations is also interesting. According to Inrix experts, the black jersey for the worsening compared to pre-Covid goes to Rieti which is in 539th place in the general classification (it was at 910th) with a deterioration of the situation of 472%.
Followed by Ravenna (419/890) with – 198%; Sassari (496/866) – 151%; Udine (108/763) -141%; Trieste (560/959) -140%; Olbia (364/676) – 124%; Grosseto (269/714) -105% and Piacenza (275/792) -98%.

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Source From: Ansa

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