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BYD, 70,000 electric buses delivered in 10 years

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Ten years after the entry into commercial service of its electric e-buses, the BYD Group reaches the important milestone of 70,000 deliveries globally. In Europe, BYD has delivered over 1,800 electric buses, circulating in over 100 major cities in twenty states for over 140 million kilometers. The environmental benefit is equivalent to 150,000 tons of CO2 emissions less into the atmosphere. Worldwide, the figure for eBus BYD rises to 5.5 billion “electric” kilometers traveled, for a saving of CO2 emissions of 3.8 million tons.
In homage to the “Made in Europe for Europe” principle, BYD continues with the investments for the expansion of the eBus production plant in Hungary. This operation increases the annual production capacity, now 400 electric buses, in order to satisfy the ever growing demand for BYD eBus in Europe. BYD’s electrification project goes beyond activities in the eBus sector, to extend to electric trucks, vans and cars.
Since its entry into the automotive sector, BYD has delivered – in December 2021 – over 1.5 million electric-propelled vehicles, for a reduction of over 9.3 million tons of CO2 emissions, equivalent to having planted more than 781 millions of trees.
Isbrand Ho, General Manager of BYD Europe’s Commercial Vehicle Business Center, said: “BYD launched its public transport electrification strategy in 2010, ascertaining the need for a change in the way the world relied so heavily on public transport. fossil fuels for all modes of transport. Within twelve months, the first BYD fleet of 100% electric buses was put into service and, since then, we are proud of the progress made by BYD over the past decade “.
“At the heart of all this – continues Isbrand Ho – was our relentless research into the development of cutting-edge batteries and electronic technologies. For BYD, it is also essential to share their knowledge, and develop successful partnerships around the world. . The company’s commitment is to provide clean and safe solutions, efficient for public transport operators and respectful of the environment, while supporting our customers in the transition to electrification, and in their pursuit of zero-emission strategies. “.

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