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Citroën Ami, a project signed by the designer Massimo Alba

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Fashion and urban mobility, for the Citroën Ami project designed by Massimo Alba. The designer has put his hand, or rather the pencil, to interpret in his own way the 100% ëlectric of the French house, accessible from the age of 14 with the AM category license and can be purchased completely online. The independent designer has customized his Ami, extending his style to the world of mobility for the first time and bringing Ami closer to the creative universe of his clothing collections.
In the unique example ‘Ami by Massimo Alba’, the design of Ami 100% ëlectric has been enhanced by the creative flair of the designer. The bodywork is re-interpreted in a matt black color, which underlines the geometric volumes of Ami, giving it an urban character, in line with Alba’s contemporary style.
In stark contrast to the bodywork, clearly visible in orange, some personalization elements stand out such as the designer’s signature, centrally positioned at the rear, and the phrase ‘perfect is boring’, shown on both doors and which represents the thought of the designers on the opportunity for each of us to freely express their identity.
The stylist’s approach to Ami -100% ëlectric also stems from a memory linked to his childhood. “One of the recurring dreams linked to my childhood – said Massimo Alba – is the light blue Citroën Ami 6. They all had colors impossible like bronze, vanilla, acid green. Colors are important to me, they are in a certain sense my life. The job I chose to do, the creative director, is made of colors. I imagined a black, symmetrical Ami, a small spaceship that could take me to the moon, like in the book by Jules Verne that made me dream as a child “.

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Source From: Ansa

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