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    Hourly parking cost, almost 10 euros in London and 1.2 in Rome

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    Since July 16, 1935, when the first Park-O-Meter was introduced in Oklahoma City on the initiative of journalist Carl C. Magee, a system that offered parking space in exchange for coins, there is most likely no city left. world that can offer free parking for everyone along the streets.
    The more the districts are coveted, the more the places are required for the presence of offices. shops, and public facilities, the more the local authorities introduce regulated parking zones whose use is limited and is subject to a fee. And this moment in a motorist’s day, and in the night break if you do not have a garage or a parking space, can become really expensive with annual spending peaks reaching and exceeding 1,000 euros.
    This is the conclusion reached by a team of analysts who collaborate with the Picodi.com site, specialized in providing consumers with assistance on the most affordable prices, and who have verified how much it costs to park a car in 48 capitals and major cities around the world. This comparison took into consideration the price of one hour of street parking in one working day in the areas with regulated parking and the special offers dedicated to the residents of these areas. In terms of the price of the ticket for an hour’s stopover, London, with the price that can reach 9.9 euros, is certainly the most expensive. Even Amsterdam and Oslo (7.50 euros), Tallin and Paris (6 euros), Zurich (5.71 euros) and Copenhagen (5.24 euros) are not joking. Rome with a cost that varies between 1 and 1.2 euros is placed in the central part of the ranking, almost on a par with Athens and the less expensive areas of New York, where the parking meter provides for an expense corresponding to 1.1 euros every 60 minutes. Equally interesting is the analysis of the cost of the overnight parking permit for residents, which is an increasingly widespread method. The primacy, in this case, goes to two cities in northern Europe: Stockholm, where the cost can reach 1,309 euros per year, and to Riga where this ‘pass’ can cost up to 1,020 euros. Amsterdam, Copenhagen, Olso and Paris follow, all within the range of 550-500 euros. Instead, Rome, together with a small group of ‘happy oases’ – such as Tirana, Buenos Aires, Skopje, Mexico City and Lisbon – does not provide for any payment for the overnight stop.


    Source From: Ansa

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