The rules will change dramatically: what to expect from the real estate market very soon

This applies to both the prices of new buildings and their characteristics.

Real estate prices will not rise significantly / Photo: Getty Images, Collage: Today

In 2022, the cost per square meter in new buildings is unlikely to increase by more than 10-15%. This, together with taking into account the needs of consumers, will help developers not to depend on external economic and geopolitical factors.

About this “Today” informs the head of the Concept Group Mikhail Podvysotsky.

The expert argues that the pricing policy will depend on the cost of production, as well as the general economic situation in the country, which, in turn, affects the level of effective demand.

What Ukrainians will buy in 2022

In 2022, more than 70% of buyers in the primary housing market are interested in purchasing modern conceptual residential complexes comfort and comfort+ categories.

“The high demand for quality properties among most buyers allows developers to predict the level of profit and not depend on external, both economic and geopolitical factors,” the head of the Concept Group believes.

Residential complexes containing these specificationswill be most in demand among buyers:

  • construction from quality materials and the use of high-quality internal technical finishes (concrete, reinforcement, bricks, insulation, double-glazed windows, elevators, etc.) along with the arrangement of a closed house adjoining area free of vehicles;
  • arrangement of a presentable lobbies in houses creation of social infrastructure facilities on the first floors of the residential complex (cafes, shops, co-working areas, sports centers, children’s institutions, etc.);
  • arrangement areas for recreation and recreation depending on the needs of residents (playgrounds, lounge areas, sports grounds, etc.);
  • availability nearby LCD recreational areas (parks, forests, lakes).

The specialist said that in 2022, the reform of urban planning activities could radically change the rules of the game in the development market.

How the geopolitical situation will affect the cost of housing

In the comment “Today” an expert in financing in the real estate and development industries Julia Stupina also noted that the overall increase in prices is unlikely to exceed 15-20%. There will be no such leap as in 2021.

Currently, the market is calming down, and the fear around the situation with a possible Russian attack on Ukraine will gradually disappear, which will also affect the dollar.

“I think that in the current situation, including taking into account currency fluctuations and deposit rates, Ukrainians will invest less in banks at 1-3% in foreign currency and up to 7% in national hryvnia, and will invest in the purchase of housing” , the expert said.

Schemes of “black” realtors during rental housing

Fraudsters pretending to be realtors have long chosen the real estate industry, namely, rental housing. They constantly come up with more and more new schemes.

Here are the most common ones:

  1. The realtor himself rents an apartment. The specialist pretends to be its owner and rents out housing to several who wish. When they paid the security and deposit amounts, the realtor simply disappears, and all the data provided to the real owner is usually fake.
  2. Deposits from several people. Several tenants pay in advance to come with things and immediately move in, and when they arrive, they see a few more like them. The owner of the apartment makes a helpless gesture and claims that he was not going to buy a house at all.
  3. The owner of the apartment is not alone. There is a person who rents a house for a long time, signs an agreement with the owner, but there are several of them, and they do not agree with the agreement. And the tenant, we note, paid three rather big sums in advance: for the first month, a deposit equal to the same amount, and for the services of a realtor (usually 50% of the rental price).

Recall that the State Tax Service is now obliged to check the data of individual buyers of real estate (full name, passport number and identification code) before they register property rights.

Earlier we told how “black” realtors work. In Ukraine, there have been many cases when they not only threw people for money, but held them hostage or even took their lives.

Source: Segodnya

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