Bills: Future Electricity, 95 billion in 2022 with current mix

Hydrogen for greener Olympics in Beijing (ANSA)

With the current generation mix (40% renewables of the total electricity generation), “the electricity bill in Italy is estimated to be around 95 billion euros in 2022, more than double compared to 2019 when it was 44 billion If we had already reached the 2030 target (72% of renewables), the 2022 bill, despite the incredible increase in gas, would be substantially equal to that of 2019, or 44 billion compared to the 95 billion we will have to pay. Italy would save over 50 billion in 2022 “. This was stated by Agostino Re Rebaudengo, president of Elettricità Futura, in a hearing in the Senate.

In order to overcome the critical issues of the Competition Bill and allow a “full enhancement of the Italian hydroelectric sector”, the president of Elettricità futura, asks to “redesign the regulatory framework, which is currently heterogeneous at regional level, adopting a national discipline that maximizes the multiple benefits of hydroelectricity in compliance with the role of local authorities. Extend the duration immediately or provide for the reallocation of concessions to allow operators to invest over 10 billion euros aimed at renewing hydroelectric plants, increasing efficiency and creating advantages for the environment, economy and employment “.

The three actions to try to reduce the bill, according to the president of Elettricità Futura: “a further simplification work is needed, to achieve 15 GW per year instead of 1 GW; a moral suasion on Regions and local authorities to issue the authorizations” quickly, and finally, by the end of 2022, the identification of suitable areas for the implementation of renewables “.

Source: Ansa

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