Ibl bank: in 2021 net profit rises to 58.4 million (+ 37%)

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(ANSA) – ROME, FEBRUARY 22 – IBL Banca closed 2021 with a consolidated gross profit of 79.3 million euros, up by approximately 33% compared to 2020. At the same time, the consolidated net profit reached € 58.4 million (approximately + 37% compared to 2020). I inform the credit institution, active in loans with salary-backed loans.

2021 saw the consolidated interest margin reach 140.6 million euros (up 12% compared to 2020) and the consolidated intermediation margin amounted to 178.9 million euros (also up 12% ).

At a consolidated level, loans to customers with CQS (Assignment of the fifth of the salary or pension) and TFS advance (Severance Indemnity), historically the core business of IBL Banca, reached 3.2 billion euros ( + 4.5% compared to 2020).

Direct deposits from retail customers also increased during the period, reaching 2.4 billion euros (+ 13.6%) thanks to a targeted strategy on remunerated accounts which were consistently among those with the best returns in the sector.

The main prudential supervisory ratios are largely in line with the capital requirements established by the ECB, with the CET1 of the IBL Banca Group standing at 16%, the Tier1 Capital Ratio at 16% and the Total Capital Ratio at 16%. Total assets are stable at € 7.1 billion. For the CEO Mario Giordano, “we plan to continue on this path, growing in any case in the core business, also by starting new industrial partnerships” in addition to “the development in the NPE credit market in which we operate through the subsidiary Banca Capasso”: (ANSA) .

Source: Ansa

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