Stock Exchange: Milan goes up (+ 0.6%), Bper and Generali sprint, Eni down


(ANSA) – MILAN, MARCH 15 – Piazza Affari accelerates (Ftse Mib + 0.6%) less than an hour after closing, on the eve of the Federal Committee of the Fed on rates and waiting for the API advances on weekly stocks of crude oil in the USA. Oil (WTI -8.16% at 94.63 dollars a barrel and Brent -7.89% at 98.99 dollars a barrel) marks the pace, slowing down Eni (-2.43%) and Tenaris (-4, 84%), while Saipem is moving against the trend (+ 2.22%) in view of the new strategic plan announced for 25 March. In the wake of the accounts runs Generali (+ 2.38%), preceded only by Bper (+ 3.66%).

Intesa (+ 2%), Unicredit (+ 1.94%) and Banco Bpm (+ 1.48%) accelerate, with the differential between German BTPs and Bunds stabilized at 154.9 points and the annual yield on ten-year bonds decreasing by as many as 6 points to 1.899%, below the 1.9% threshold exceeded on the eve. (HANDLE).

Source: Ansa

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