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Expensive fuel: Grendi towards stop cargo Sardinia by blocks

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(ANSA) – OLBIA, 17 MAR – Hundreds of semi-trailers and containers stopped on the quays are paralyzing the activities of Sardinian ports. The fourth day of protest by hauliers against expensive fuels risks having disastrous effects on port companies operating in transport. The Grendi group, which has two terminals, one in Cagliari and one in Olbia, is moving towards the suspension of services in Sardinia.

This morning a merchant ship of the group remained stationary in the port of Cagliari, because, not being able to load the goods, it would have had to leave empty: “The protest is having extremely heavy effects on primary transport. We are very worried”, explains the CEO of Grendi Trasporti. Marittimi, Antonio Musso. “The reasons that led to the demonstrations are still valid, but if in the early days we considered the protest to be correct, the current management is no longer shareable or understandable. It is not clear what the result may be capable of putting an end to the blocks. The solution can only be at the national level, so it is not clear where this regional protest can lead – continues Musso – If the blockades in Sardinia do not cease, we will be forced to suspend our services on the island “.

In the Grendi terminal in Cagliari there are 400 containers and 300 semi-trailers blocked in the aprons, in the Olbia terminal 140 containers and 70 semi-trailers. Until they are brought to their destination the ships arriving will not be able to unload other goods. “Tomorrow our ships will remain stationary”, concludes Musso.

Same problems for the Grimaldi Group in Porto Torres and Olbia: “Let’s be clear, we have nothing against the hauliers, of whom we understand the protest”, explains the CEO of Grimaldi Sardegna, Eugenio Cossu, “but it is clear that this situation us it is creating great difficulties “. The departure of tomorrow’s cargo ship from Porto Torres has already been canceled, and the same fate awaits the merchant ships of Olbia: “The yards are full of containers and semi-trailers and it is not possible to load the goods on the ships”.


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Source: Ansa

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