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The United States will supply Ukraine with a popular type of fuel – what will be brought to gas stations

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Ukraine managed to agree with several European countries on fuel supplies

Ukraine turned to other countries for help / Photo: Collage: Today, freepik.com

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Ukraine will receive additional diesel fuel from the United States of America.

This was stated by adviser to the Minister of Energy Lana Zerkal on the air of Radio NV.

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“We managed to mobilize everyone… Germany and Poland have the largest reserves of diesel, and they can provide the necessary volumes for us now. In addition, American diesel is coming to us,” Zerkal said.

According to the minister, in Eastern Europe, several large oil refineries were closed for repairs during the start of the sowing campaign in Ukraine.

Fuel price cap

The Cabinet of Ministers adopted a resolution that will not allow cashing in on the sale of gasoline and diesel, as it limits the price of premium fuel.

As Prime Minister Denys Shmihal said, premium fuels should be at the maximum 5% more expensive than the usual ones.

According to the prime minister, in this way the state will not allow gas stations to set unreasonably high prices, and will also solve the problem of fuel shortages.

Earlier, in order to solve the problem with the deficit in Ukraine, the excise tax on its sale was canceled and the value added tax was reduced. from 20 to 7%.

In addition, the country allowed the circulation Euro 3 and Euro 4which were previously banned due to the lower quality of raw materials.

Segodnya also wrote how the traffic rules for Ukrainian drivers have changed since the beginning of the war and showed a map of current gas stations in Ukraine.

Source: Segodnya

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