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EU, sustainability breakthrough for fashion and textiles

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(ANSA) – BRUSSELS, MARCH 30 – Garments that last longer instead of fast-fashion, fabrics with a higher content of recycled fibers, which can be repaired in an economic way and with incineration and landfill reduced to a minimum. These are the guidelines of the European Commission on textile products, contained in the new circular economy package presented in Brussels.

In the package there are also new rules for sustainable products, including building materials. The aim is to reduce the environmental impact and the EU’s dependence on imported raw materials.

The Communication for sustainable and circular textile products anticipates new rules that will make certain requirements mandatory for the EU industry. The Commission is considering new design requirements, such as mandatory minimum levels of use of recycled fibers, a ban on destruction of unsold products, a digital product passport based on mandatory circularity information requirements and other key environmental aspects, actions to address release unintentional microplastics from fabrics, with measures such as pre-washing in industrial production plants.

New harmonized EU rules on extended producer responsibility for textiles and economic incentives to make products more sustainable (“eco-modulation of tariffs”) are also on the way, as part of the revision of the Waste Framework Directive in 2023. The new rules , indicates the Communication, they can be applied in a process of “transition for the textile ecosystem” to establish the way forward and define the concrete steps to affirm the principles of the circular economy in the sector. (HANDLE).

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Source: Ansa

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