Stock Exchange: Milan earns (+ 0.5%) with banks, Tim down (-3.4%)

Gas: with energy efficiency by 2030, cuts in bills and pollution (ANSA)

(ANSA) – MILAN, APRIL 01 – Positive weekend session for Piazza Affari (+ 0.5%), with banks supporting the main price list, starting with Fineco (+ 3.3%), Mediobanca (+1 , 8%), Bper (+ 1.7%), Unicredit (+ 1.4%) and Intesa (+ 1%). The BTP-Bund spread closed up at 153.8 points and the Italian ten-year yield rose, which closed at 2.090%, like those of the rest of Europe. New closing in sharp decline for Tim (-3.4%) and ending in the red Stm (-2.4%), in line with the semiconductor sector in the rest of Europe, Interpump (-1.8%), the paytech Nexi (-1.6%), and Atlantia (-1%).

Amplifon (+ 3.3%) and Diasorin (+ 2.5%) are also among the best stocks of the Ftse Mib. Saipem did well (+ 2.1%), with S&P raising its rating to BB for the capital increase. Among the other oil companies in the form of both Eni and Tenaris plant (+0.9 both), while WTI crude oil is down (-1%) to 99.2 dollars a barrel and Brent is at 104 in the evening. 2 dollars. Generali gained (+ 1.6%) one week after the presentation of the program of candidates on the Caltagirone group list.

Piatta Stellantis (-0.07%) among the cars and some gains for Ferrari (+ 0.4%), with the data of the sector market in sharp decline, in the perspective of incentives. It Way (+ 10.4%) ranks among the smaller capitalization stocks, while Fine Foods (-14%) and Intek (-11.4%) fell significantly. (HANDLE).

Source: Ansa

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