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    Inheritance during the war – is it possible to get your share

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    We tell you how the rules for receiving an inheritance are changing in the context of the war in Ukraine

    How to get an inheritance during the war / Photo: UNIAN, Collage: Today

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    The war stops many processes in the country that were familiar to its citizens. Because of this, people cannot complete the documents they need due to a missed deadline or physical impossibility.

    The Free Legal Aid service told whether it is possible to receive an inheritance during martial law and for how long.

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    So, the most important thing is that to accept the inheritance during martial law possibly not prohibited.

    Some concessions have even been introduced, namely, it stops and does not take into account the duration of the acceptance of the inheritance.

    This is provided for by Cabinet Resolution No. 164, lawyer Tatyana Tsarik notes. Previously, the period for accepting an inheritance was 6 months, and now the heir can accept the inheritance during martial law, regardless of its duration.

    He will also have a term after the lifting of martial law, which remained as of February 24, 2022 that is, at the start of the war.

    In addition, in a state of war or a state of emergency, an inheritance case is opened at the request of the applicant by any notary of Ukraine and does not depend on the place of opening of the inheritance.

    That is, in such situations, you can accept the inheritance without even leaving your own locality, by contacting local notary.

    Even if other heirs have already submitted an application for acceptance of the inheritance in another locality, you have the right to contact a notary in your place of residence and send an application to another notary, after certification.

    Will with condition

    Earlier we said that each person can leave a secret will at his death, as well as conditional will.

    This means that said heirs can only receive the estate property by fulfilling a certain condition specified in the will, for example – having a child or getting an education.

    Read more about this interesting type of will in our material.

    Segodnya also wrote that it was possible to leave as an inheritance, and told who had the right to inherit by will.

    Source: Segodnya

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