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What can be done with money during the war – all the changes of the National Bank

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We tell you what changes the National Bank of Ukraine has introduced since the beginning of martial law

The ban on certain financial transactions continues / Photo: Getty Images, Collage: Today

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Since the beginning of Russia’s full-scale invasion of Ukraine, the National Bank has introduced restrictions that are designed to reduce the blow to the Ukrainian economic system.

“Today” collected the main changes regarding transfers, cash withdrawals in Ukraine and abroad, as well as foreign currency.

Card payments and cash withdrawals

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Ukrainians can pay by bank transfer without restrictions. Cards and online banking systems work both in Ukraine and abroad.

But there are restrictions on cash withdrawals. By decision on February 24, the NBU banned withdrawals from customer accounts more than 100 thousand UAH per day. At first, there was a complete ban on cash withdrawals from foreign currency accounts. However, now Ukrainians can shoot 30 thousand UAH per day in equivalent.

But any operations with Russian or Belarusian rubles are strictly prohibited.

For some time there were problems with withdrawing cash from ATMs. Therefore, shops, pharmacies, gas stations and post offices began to issue cash at the checkout. Previously, we told you which supermarkets, and how much money they can give out at a time.

Buying dollars and transferring foreign currency

On February 24, the NBU fixed the dollar exchange rate at the level 29, 25 UAH Already in April, Ukrainians were allowed to buy cash dollars, euros and other currencies. Buying non-cash currency is still not allowed.

The National Bank introduced the following conditions for institutions:

  • the cash selling rate may deviate by no more than 10% from the official NBU rate on the day of the transaction (the dollar should not cost more than UAH 32.18);
  • the rate of purchase of cash currency should not be lower than the official rate of the NBU on the day of the transaction (for the dollar it is UAH 29.25).

You can also transfer foreign currency abroad. However, there are nuances. Without restrictions, you can make some currency transfers, namely:

  • tuition fees;
  • expenses associated with the death of citizens;
  • treatment in medical institutions;
  • transportation of patients abroad.

However, in general, you can transfer abroad from your own cards to cards of individuals up to 100 thousand UAH (in equivalent) monthly, this is approximately 3.4 thousand dollars.

However, there is one more exception. At the request of banks and volunteers individuals are allowed to transfer foreign currency within the monthly limit of UAH 400,000 (equivalent at the official NBU rate) to purchase a number of goods abroad. These items:

  • body armor;
  • helmets;
  • helmets;
  • military and tactical uniforms, footwear, protective clothing;
  • optical tracking devices;
  • unmanned aerial vehicles;
  • bedroom bags, mats, etc.

Cash abroad

Since the beginning of the war, the NBU has allowed foreign currency to be exported without declaring it. Recently, the restrictions were returned, and now you need to declare currency values ​​​​in the amount of more than 10 thousand euros per person (in equivalent).

Earlier we wrote that the deputy head of the NBU Ekaterina Rozhkova recommends use cards and not risk transporting cash across the border.

“On the one hand, we understand that families must have a certain resource to provide for themselves in order to travel. On the other hand, we explain to everyone that you cross the border where bank branches work and you can come, put this currency on accounts, get an instant card on it and use it to pay anywhere, have no problems with storing cash and declaring it“, Rozhkova explained.

Many Ukrainians have problems exchanging cash hryvnia abroad, because not all exchange offices want to accept hryvnia.

But gradually, some began to grant permission for such a financial transaction. For example, to exchange money in Slovakia, you need to contact Tatra Banka with a passport of a citizen of Ukraine or with a foreign passport. Exchange for euros can be made in the amount of up to 250 euros per person per day.

It is also available in other banks. In particular, in Austria these are Raiffeisen bank and Erste Bank Oesterreich. In Romania – Banca Comercială Română, Moldova – OTP Bank, and in Poland – PKO BP. We wrote in detail about the conditions for the exchange of hryvnia in these banks in this material “Today”.

But withdrawing cash in a foreign country is not so easy with a Ukrainian card, and in the current situation, when refugees poured into European countries, this problem takes on a special character.

For example, cashing out money without a commission at a Spanish ATM from someone else’s, and even a Ukrainian card, is unlikely to work, since a commission for withdrawals abroad will be taken even your bank. But some companies allow Ukrainians to use their services without commissions. How to withdraw cash without commission in Spain, read here.

Segodnya also explained how to withdraw cash in Germany as well as Poland.

Read about when the National Bank will unfreeze the official dollar rate.

Source: Segodnya

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