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Prices for tomatoes soared in Ukraine: what is the reason

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We tell you what is happening with the prices of tomatoes in Ukraine

Tomato prices have risen sharply in Ukraine – what is happening / Photo: Getty Images, UNIAN, Collage: Today

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In Ukraine, because of the war, the prices of the most important products, in particular vegetables, soared. Especially Ukrainians are unpleasantly surprised by the cost of tomatoes, for which they ask in the markets 93-112 UAH/kg.

About this writes the publication Agrotrend.com.ua.

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Experts believe that there are several reasons for the rise in price:

  • high cost of energy resources in Ukraine;
  • internal logistics, which has risen in price several times due to the Russian attack on Ukraine;
  • the occupation of individual territories and entire individual regions;
  • destruction of the production infrastructure;
  • gradual devaluation of the hryvnia;
  • higher prices compared to previous seasons for tomatoes in Turkey.

In addition, according to the head of the APK-Inform: Vegetables and Fruits project Alexandra Khorevathe rise in price of tomatoes was also affected by bad weather conditions, which have been in Ukraine for more than a week.

“Gloomy, rainy and cool weather significantly slowed down the pace of tomato ripening in greenhouses, which directly affected the volume of product samples in the farms,” he noted.

However, analysts do not predict that greenhouse tomatoes will continue to rise in price. After all, in the conditions of war, the occupation of certain territories of the country and the constant outflow of consumers to European countries, it is more likely not worth expecting an increase in purchasing activity.

Food shortage

Due to the war, there was a shortage of certain goods in Ukrainian stores, and in each region it is different.

For example, residents of Kyiv say that in some areas of the city there is not enough dairy products, although all the main products are available, just in a smaller assortment.

In the Kiev region, the situation is worse, it is difficult to find fresh fish, the choice of cereals, cheeses and bread has significantly decreased. The worst situation is in the east of the country, read more about what products are missing in the material.

“Today” also told how entrepreneurs illegally raise prices for socially significant products.

Source: Segodnya

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