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Speed ​​cameras: still black smoke for installation rules

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(ANSA) – ROME, APRIL 16 – New black smoke for the decree that must establish the modalities for the location and use of speed cameras on the Italian territory. A measure expected for 12 years on which Mims has now announced a further postponement in June.

The Deputy Minister of Infrastructures, Alessandro Morelli, responding to a question time presented by Simone Baldelli (Fi), informed that “the Directorate General for road safety of Mims, together with the competent offices of the Ministry of the Interior, is continuing with the activity to finalize the draft of the decree in question, which will hopefully be examined by the State-City and Local Autonomous Conference by next June. In particular, the offices are adjusting the aforementioned decree scheme according to the regulatory framework head office and the recent judgments regarding the detection of vehicle speed. It will be my concern to convene the competent directorates to understand what were the reasons for the delay “.

The decree that defines the rules on how to use speed cameras is provided for by art. 25 of the law n. 120 of 2010 reforming the Highway Code, which prescribes that “by decree of the Minister of Infrastructure and Transport, in agreement with the Minister of the Interior, the procedures for placing and use of technical control devices or means are defined , aimed at the remote detection of violations “. A measure that, after 12 years, still does not see the light, despite starting from 2016 the Parliament has called the Ministry of Transport several times to answer for the delay. According to the latest data, in Italy there would be 2.5 million high fines every year from about 8000 speed cameras located throughout the territory. (HANDLE).

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Source: Ansa

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