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Threats take away the last: how collectors ignore martial law in Ukraine

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We tell how collectors violate the conditions of martial law and knock money out of Ukrainians

Collectors often call people with threats / Photo: Getty Images, UNIAN, Collage: Today

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Since the beginning of martial law, on the recommendation of the National Bank, Ukrainian banks have introduced credit holidays for their clients. One of the conditions is that during this period, customers can return funds when they can, and there will be no fines, penalties or other payments for this, as in peacetime.

However, microfinance organizations have decided not to comply with the recommendations of the NBU and have their own strict methods. “Today” will tell how money is beaten out of Ukrainians during martial law.

There are threats and data theft

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On the resource “Minfin” we looked at reviews of the most popular microfinance organizations in Ukraine. The most common complaint concerns high interest charges.

“Marauders, it’s just… I want to fulfill my obligations and pay off the loan. I’ve already partially repaid 1,750 hryvnias. And they calculated the same amount of interest!” – says one of the reviews.

People also receive threats.

“Today I received a call from a company employee threatening that if I don’t close the loan by April 15, they will take certain measures. Nobody even wants to hear that the country is in martial law. “I don’t refuse a loan. But at the moment I can’t pay. I will pay in small installments. But the company’s employees do not want to hear anything, but threaten in plain text”the woman wrote.

In addition, some companies have notified customers that they will stop charging interest. But then the decision suddenly changed.

Some paid the loan, but this is not displayed in the user’s personal account. In addition, a person is credited with a debt, and threats come from a company.

There are also complaints that organizations distribute personal data of customers.

“For a couple of weeks, they’ve been calling from this sharaga about the debt of some man whom I don’t know! They sent his photo with a passport to Viber, they even called my mother! They keep calling to smart arguments that we don’t know this person, they don’t respond, they continue to call. I wonder where they steal phones and personal data from, if in my whole life I have never taken any loans and have not contacted such companies, ” – says one of the reviews.

What to do if you are affected by a microfinance institution

Earlier we said that if you suffered from a financial institution that issues microcredits, and you think that this is a gross violation on its part, then you should immediately contact National Bank of Ukrainefiling a complaint about violation of the IFL agreement.

This can be done via email [email protected]and by the hotline number 0 800 505 240.

A complaint about the inappropriate behavior of collectors should be considered by the prosecutor’s office.

How not to get into trouble with such organizations, read in our material.

Segodnya also wrote about who, during the martial law in Ukraine, and in what way profits from the Ukrainians, and who and what kind of financial assistance can receive from the state during the war.

Source: Segodnya

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