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Stock Exchange: Europe rises, US indices contrasted, Milan + 1%

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The cities of the future and the technology of the present (ANSA)

(ANSA) – MILAN, APRIL 20 – The main European stock exchanges continue to rise despite the contrasting US indices (Dow Jones + 0.58%, Nasdaq -0.87%) awaiting the Fed’s Beige Book, scheduled for 20 and the interventions of some central bankers while the idea that the rate hike will be more contained than expected due to inflation and the effects of the war in Ukraine is increasingly shared in the trading rooms.

The best are Paris and Frankfurt, both up by 1.3%), followed by Milan and Madrid (+ 1%), while London limits the rise to 0.11%. Bundesbank President Joachim Nagel spoke in the morning, while the speeches of Charles Evans of the Chicago Fed and Mary Daly of the San Francisco Fed are expected in the afternoon. The differential between German BTPs and Bunds rose to 164.2 points, with the annual yield of Italian bonds falling by 4.5 points to 2.496%.

Purchases are concentrated on Banco Bpm bank banks (+ 4.43%), on the hypothesis of a takeover by Intesa (+ 2.64%) and Credit Agricole (+ 4.16%). Bnp (+ 4.33%), Sabadell (+ 3.81%), SocGen (+ 3.73%) and Commerzbank (+ 3.31%) were also highlighted. Eyes on microprocessor manufacturers after the ASML quarterly report (+ 5.64%). Be Semiconductor earns 5.12%, Asm 4.79% and Stm 3.54%.

In the automotive field, with registrations down on an annual basis in March but higher than the estimates compared to February, Pirelli (+ 3.3%) and Nokian (+ 2.26%) rose. Sprint by Mercedes (+ 2.49%) and BMW (+ 2.2%), good Volkswagen (+ 1.9%), Stellantis holds (+ 0.6%), while Ferrari is running down (-0.2 %). Quarterly accounts effect on Danone (+ 6.4%) and Heineken (+ 4.28%).


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Source: Ansa

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