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Public transport in Ukraine: where and to whom you can not pay fares

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We tell how public transport works today in the largest cities of Ukraine and where it is free for passengers

Where public transport is free / Photo: Today, Collage: Today

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Since the beginning of martial law in Ukraine, public transport has stopped in most cities. In some of them, minibuses and trolleybuses run according to the usual schedule, and in some places the transport has not yet entered the roads.

“Today” tells where and what the situation is now, and in which cities people are allowed not to pay tolls.

Kyiv and Kharkov

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Recently in Kyiv, traffic was resumed on the “red” metro line. Trains follow without stopping at the stations “Maidan Nezalezhnosti”, “Khreshchatyk”, “Dnipro”, “Hydropark” and “Klovska”. There are also other metro lines. From April 18, the metro operates from 6:30 to 20:00, and surface transport from 7:00 to 21:00.

You don’t have to pay for metro or bus fares. But in the Kyiv region, fares, on the contrary, soared. We wrote about it in detail here.

As early as February 27, the City Council announced that the movement of all public transport in Kharkiv is stopped because of the fighting. Some metro stations have been closed, but most operate as a shelter for citizens. Temporary routes are organized in the city, but they do not plan to launch transport yet due to high risks.

Dnipro, Nikolaev and Chernihiv

In Dnipro, since April 18, carriers have switched to an extended operating mode. Transport will leave the line at 6 am and will run until 20:30. And electric transport and the subway run according to the pre-war schedule.

Travel paidhowever, as the director of the Department of Transport and Transport Infrastructure of the Dnipro City Council Igor Makovtsev noted, You can take advantage of benefits and discounts. In particular, student cards and certificates are valid.

Buses, trolleybuses and trams run in Nikolaev. For the last two from April 12 increased fares. Now for 8 UAH you can drive if you bought a ticket from the driver. And for 7 UAH, if the ticket is paid using a QR code.

Free travel remains for preferential categorieswhich include:

  • combatants, injured participants in the Revolution of Dignity;
  • persons (ChNPP) – categories 1 and 2A;
  • veterans of military service, internal affairs bodies, the National Police, the tax police, the State Fire Service, the State Penitentiary Service of Ukraine, the Civil Protection Service, the State Service for Special Communications and Information Protection of Ukraine;
  • conscripts for urgent military service;
  • persons with disabilities;
  • children from a large family;
  • children under 6 years old (without a seat accompanied by an adult);
  • pensioners by age;
  • and others (list can be viewed here).

In Chernigov, which suffered from hostilities, 9 temporary routes were approved. However, they have not been launched yet. Payment will be at the old rates.

How much Ukrainians will have to pay for basic needs in Poland

Previously, we told how much it would cost for Ukrainians to use transport in Poland.

If we do not take into account today’s easing of conditions for Ukrainians (free travel in public transport), the cost of a one-time ticket in hryvnia equivalent will be approximately 22 UAH, subscription for the whole month 689 UAH

The cost of a taxi is also almost the same as the prices in Ukraine. Of course, it all depends on the class and the distance you need:

  • boarding costs an average 50 UAH;
  • every next kilometer 17 UAH;
  • waiting hour – approx. 246 UAH

We also wrote that the low-cost airline Wizz Air resumed selling tickets for flights from Ukraine and talked about the fact that China launched a new railway route to Germany bypassing Russia.

Source: Segodnya

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