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Stock market: Europe regains strength, Frankfurt the best

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From recycling to bioplastics, the commitment of Italian cosmetics (ANSA)

(ANSA) – MILAN, APRIL 29 – Turnaround of European lists that regain strength despite negative futures on Wall Street.

The Old Continent area index, the stoxx 600 earns one percentage point with stocks related to retail.

Milan gains 0.93% with the Ftse Mib at 24,239 points. On the list remains the evidence of Tenaris (+ 4.5%) in the wake of the above expectations. Among the other purchases on Recordati (+ 1.64%), Nexi (+1.89%) and the Generali building (+ 0.25%) with the outcome of the shareholders’ meeting.

Frankfurt is the best and surpasses the 1% increase. Paris registers + 0.9% and London + 0.6%. The spread between BTP and Bund drops to 182 points with the Italian ten-year yield below 2.73%. Gas travels at 103 euros per MWh, up by 3.2%. Oil also rose with WTI to 106 dollars per barrel (+ 1%) and Brent to 109.4 dollars per barrel (+ 1%). In Moscow the Moex index rose by 2.17% while on the exchange front the ruble weakened and traded at 71 against the dollar and 74.8 against the euro. (HANDLE).

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Source: Ansa

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