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    Will there be a shortage? Poland wants to fill the cars of Ukrainians with its own fuel

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    According to Volodymyr Zelenskyy, “they really want to enter our gas station business market”

    This issue was also discussed by the presidents of the two states. / Photo: Getty Images, Collage: Today

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    The Polish company, after a meeting with representatives of Naftogaz and the Minister of Energy of Ukraine, expressed interest in entering the Ukrainian gas station market.

    President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky said this in an interview with representatives of the Polish media.

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    According to the head of state, this issue was also discussed by the presidents of the two countries and the prime ministers. The probability that Poland will fill the cars of Ukrainians with its own fuel is very high.

    “A Polish company came to us, met with our Naftogaz and the Minister of Energy. They really want to enter our gas station business market. We have a large network open. I think they will,” – he said.

    Gasoline shortage in Ukraine

    Gasoline is no longer available at many Ukrainian gas stations, some drivers are faced with restrictions up to 10 liters in one hand. Many Ukrainian traders were forced to curtail their work due to high prices and problems with logistics.

    Large companies have signed contracts for the supply of fuel directly from European ports. But there is not enough rolling stock in Europe to deliver it to Ukraine. The biggest problem is with gasoline, there is a little more diesel fuel in Ukraine.

    According to the director of the consulting group “A-95” Sergei Kuyun, small companies cannot use fuel trucks, because they cannot sell fuel cheaper than the prices set by the Cabinet of Ministers.

    “If the government now abolished state regulation of prices, then fuel would rise in price by 2-3 hryvnias per liter, but it would appear on the market. Most likely, autogas would also become cheaper. It is now sold with a large margin precisely because of the shortage of gasoline,” added the expert.

    In the future, Ukrainians will have to forget A-92 gasoline. It is not sold in Europe, and it was produced only at the damaged Kremenchug refinery. Now the stocks of this fuel are running out and there is nowhere to take it.

    Earlier, we told how Ukrainians can save on gasoline, and also wrote how much they sell fuel at gas stations.

    Source: Segodnya

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