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Stocks: Europe remains heavy after Stockholm flash crash

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The bluefin tuna economy restarts, but it weighs heavily on energy (ANSA)

(ANSA) – MILAN, 02 MAY – European stock exchanges remain heavy on fears for Chinese growth, after the Beijing manufacturing index slipped to a two-year low, on the prospect of new sanctions on Russian oil and pending the crackdown on the rates that the Fed will give on Wednesday.

The lists, which are also digesting the uninspiring pmi indices arrived from the Eurozone, have recovered part of the losses after the European Stoxx index briefly dropped by 3% in the morning, around 10 am, with the Stockholm OMX index sinking 8%. “It is clear to us that the cause of this movement is a very important transaction on the part of a market participant,” a spokesman for the Stockholm Nasdaq, Davis Augustsson, told Bloomberg.

Milan lost 1.3%, Frankfurt 1.1% and Paris 1.9% while London is closed for holidays. In Stockholm, the Omx 30 loses 1.4% and Oslo 1.9%, after hitting a maximum decline of 4.9%.

Futures on Wall Street are on the decline, fresh from an April that turned out to be the worst month since the outbreak of the pandemic.

Oil was heavy with wti losing 3.7% to 100.8 dollars and brent 3.4% to 103.5 dollars. European gas also fell, with futures in Amsterdam falling by 2.5% to 97 euros, due to the milder temperatures and the arrival of LNG supplies. The ruble continues to strengthen, exchanging at 71 against the dollar, while the euro discounts fears about the economy of the Old Continent and the strengthening of the greenback, pushed by the Fed squeeze, against which the single currency yields 0. , 3% to 1.05 euros.

At Piazza Affari Prysmian sells 3.4%, Stm 3.2% and Tim 2.9% while in Europe the German real estate group Adler collapses by almost 40%, after a billionaire loss and rejection by auditors of Kpmg to certify the accounts.


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Source: Ansa

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